What Makes Us Different

Ultra Design delves into the richness of contemporary architecture with conceptual designs that bring out both aesthetic values and intellectual propositions. Meanwhile, the crux of those designs is their functionality.

Our designs stem their originality from their timelessness as they don’t bind themselves to dated fashions. They rather continuously manifest an inventive creativity at all times.

Our lighting fixtures and furniture are designed not only to stand on their own as objects of art, but also to create a situation wherever they are placed. No matter how minimal of a volume they occupy in a given space, they insinuate a character and an aura to it.

Our repertoire borrows ethnic references from a wide array of cultures from the far east of the globe to its far west. Rather than incarcerating ourselves into certain geo-cultural design practices, we take the freedom of transcending boundaries and experimenting with blending. For one, we were drawn to ancient Japanese paper making techniques and used them in producing lighting fixtures. We were also attracted by North African drum making techniques as they inspired us to use stretched skins in creating lighting designs.

Our presence in Egypt values the richness of its heritage and celebrates it by utilizing local craftsmanship. We take our designs to the crafts quarters of Greater Cairo, a city affluent with local talent, and strategically introduce to them traditional measures such as glass blowing methods among others.

Obscura Floor Lamp

Obscura Floor Lamp
Our products constantly bring out the breadth of new materials, which we enjoy exploring and negotiating. From mixed fibers and natural materials, to stone, marble, wood and glass, we travel through the potentials of each material and use our wit to progressively shaping new forms.

Our works serve a diversified client base as they reach both end users and fellow designers on quest to utilize our expertise into their comprehensive design ventures. We have also developed capabilities to custom design and manufacture products, responding directly to the needs of clients.

Ultra Design travels the world through both local and international fairs such as Le Marche and Furnex in Cairo, Salone del Mobile in Milan and Planète Meuble in Paris. Besides feeding into a thriving local market, we also export to France, England, Italy and the Gulf States.